The Wonders of Celery


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We have seen celery offers many important benefits, including lowering blood pressure. Now this may be an affordable way to lower brain inflammation for all those suffering neurodegenerative diseases, from Autism to Alzheimer’s. An affordable healthy adjunct to other therapies would seem to be eat more celery or enjoy celery juice with beet, carrot etc., as they all offer tremendous biological activity, but now there is NAS research to back up the celery activity in lowering brain inflammation.

So here’s a great green smoothie recipe

Three stalks of celery; 1/2 a bunch of parsley 1/2 a cup of aloe vera juice; 1/2 a sandwich baggie of raw nopales (cactus); one apple or 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple water drink this all morning have a large salad for lunch with protein and veggies and protein for dinner in three weeks you will be different.


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